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New School Year

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As the first week of the new school year closes, some children and parents may begin to feel a little anxious about what the new academic year has in store. This can be for a number of reasons. The list below includes some of those reasons and explains how we can support you and your…Read More

Tougher GCSEs

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The tougher GCSE courses have exposed a significant gap between students, related to their literacy levels, in particular their breadth of vocabulary. Help your child to close that gap. FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN why not play the ‘Thesaurus game – describing a person’. You can adapt this to describing places, animals, feelings and so on.…Read More

Professional Support

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Calling all parents of primary and secondary school age children! If your child is struggling and requires some extra support or you want your child to be entered for the Trafford 11+ Entrance Exams, we offer professional support and guidance to both you and your child. We offer tuition from £18 per session with a…Read More

Intelligent Guidance

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Is your child struggling at school or perhaps you feel that they are not being challenged enough? Filling the gaps in their learning is essential for a secure foundation to understand and progress to the next level. If those gaps are not addressed fully, children can develop low self confidence and barriers to learning, thinking…Read More