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Reception to Year 6

The earlier a child’s learning gaps are addressed, the better; it will help your child build self-confidence in their personal ability and minimise the impact of what they are finding difficult in future learning years.

Primary years are extremely important as these are the foundation years; if fundamental learning has not been secured by the time they reach Year 6, it will have a significant impact on their secondary education: the groups they are placed in, the type of curriculum that may be offered, what they achieve in their GCSE grades and, moreover, their academic confidence and personal self-esteem. Do you need a GCSE tutor?

This, in turn, has a significant impact in adult life, hence why we believe in and incorporate our company philosophy in well-being into all of our practices. We want your child to reach their full potential with self-confidence in their own abilities, whatever level that may be.

We provide the following tuition for children in Reception to Year 6:

  • Phonics for reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Phonics courses
  • Maths challenge courses
  • Preparation for all government required testing at Primary level
  • Preparation for 11+ (please refer to our 11+ dedicated web page)

Contact us if you would like a physics and math tutor for combined learning.