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With our collective expertise we are able to provide tuition for learners ranging from Reception to Year 13.

With the ever-increasing pressures of government initiatives and testing in today’s education system, it can be daunting and demoralising for a child if they are having difficulties with certain areas of their learning.

Clear Steps Plus Education know how this can then compound further3 learning problems meaning that it will be very challenging for your child to achieve their full potential in subsequent years; in turn having a very negative impact on a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Our programmes of learning are created to provide children with personalised learning sessions which will engage your child and build on their academic confidence, whilst filling in those gaps in their learning and allowing them to progress more securely on to the next phase of their learning.

Session Prices

1:1 from £30 per 1 hour session

1:4 from only £20 per 1 hour session

10% sibling and multi-session discounts available!

We hope that we can be a part of your child’s learning journey, helping them build self-confidence and reaching their full academic potential.

Primary Years Tuition

11+ Entrance Exams

GCSE Tuition

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