Clear Steps Plus Education believes in social responsibility

As a socially responsible company that strives to improve pupils’ educational progress, we believe that it is rightly fair to extend this view to help others in need. We put back into society and by enrolling with Clear Steps Plus Education you too are ensuring this happens enabling us to implement our Clear Steps Plus Education Pay It Forward Scheme.

What is the Pay It Forward Scheme?

Through our research there are unfortunately two main barriers that prevent some families from supporting their children’s educational progress:

1. Paying for tuition is out of reach for many families
2. Low levels of literacy, numeracy and computer skills may prevent many parents from being able to support their children with homework.

It is clear to us that these issues need to be challenged to ensure a fairer society. Clear Steps Plus Education has forged strong relationships with Family Liaison workers on housing estates and Head teachers at their catchment schools. Together we use a means tested approach to ensure the eligibility of families.

You put back so we put back and we pay it forward!

We will offer our time, resources and skills to tutor those with unfortunate financial difficulties. We offer FREE Adult Numeracy, Literacy and Computer skills courses for qualifying parents who are desperate to help their children but lack the attainment and confidence levels to do so.

Together we can all work to making education fair!