Never has there been a time in human history in which mastering foreign languages is not only desirable, but truly essential for business, politics and education.

In today’s ever more globalised society, having a second language is becoming more and more essential in today’s ever competitive job market and in the university selection process.

Evidence shows that the earlier we acquire a second language then it can then lead to an enhanced readiness to learn other languages at a later stage and can help foster positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures.

Early learners tend to be more intuitive, less anxious and better at acquiring the sounds and rhythms of the new language.

Starting early allows for more time for language learning overall and a sustained experience with the potential to lead to higher levels of proficiency at the end of secondary school.

The primary curriculum provides many opportunities which can be exploited for language learning. This is one of the particular benefits of starting early.

The early introduction of literacy in the new language can provide an important focus as well as support for learning.

Here at Clear Step+ Education we can offer bespoke packages to Primary or Nursery Schools or at KS3/4 , whether they be consulting on programmes of study, production of appropriate resources, or a ‘hands on’ approach where we can come into school on a regular or ad hoc basis to teach or team teach with colleagues.  We offer effective support providing consultancy which will have a very clear positive impact on the progress of both your staff and students.  Outlined below are the current services we offer.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.  If booked before September you can enjoy a 25% discount on single or combination packages in the new academic year.  We also offer a loyalty scheme whereby we thank you for your custom by offering FREE sessions for a cohort of your PP students.  Please see LOYALTY SCHEME link for more details.