“Alicia provided support that was both professional and relevant to support our delivery and assessment of the CIDA course going forward. Alicia was able to provide her support in a calm and knowledgeable way, and had the experience we were hoping for to breakdown any misconceptions and support us with our particular needs. Overall very helpful indeed.”

James, SLT, Hyndburn Academy, Blackburn  

“The support visit has helped me to fully understand the requirements for coursework completion, ensuring staff and pupils are correctly applying and following the stricter guidelines around completion/submission. The chance to informally moderate pupil’s work supported my assessment decisions so far, I now feel more confident in my assessment grades/predictions. The resources provided by CSPE are also supporting my on-going monitoring of the work and are allowing me to focus intervention where necessary.”

Julie, HOD, Hyndburn Academy, Blackburn

“Very useful…good overview of risks and issues we will soon be facing, gave me a kick up the backside to start looking at these issues and get one step ahead.”

Ian, Year 4 and Year 2 Parent, BYOD Parent Workshop

“Very informative….as a result I will be implementing some of these strategies at home and setting a good example.”

Alex, Year 5 Parent, BYOD Parent Workshop

“A great student workshop that helps our children’s little minds to be aware of the world wide web.”

Miss N, Year 4 Teacher

“We were showed how to use ICT safely and in practical ways we weren’t aware of. Lots of ideas. Thank you.”

NQT, Oldham

“We were delivered a highly informative session on the uses of technology in the classroom. The content was clearly structured and was applicable cross curriculum, which meant that all participants left the session with a multitude of ideas on how to utilise technology within lessons. There was a clear focus on using technology to achieve the best outcomes and this underpinned the whole discussion, where time was allocated for reflection on how to improve previous practice. This section in particular was highly beneficial. We understood how, when used incorrectly, technology could hinder the progress of a child and so when we were given some top tips on when and how to use technology, this was fundamental information for guiding future planning. Before the session, I was uncertain of using computers in lessons due to potential behaviour issues. However, with the advice that was given in this session, I left feeling more confident about using technology and being in control of its use in the classroom.”

Teach First Candidate, Oldham