Professional Support

Calling all parents of primary and secondary school age children! If your child is struggling and requires some extra support or you want your child to be entered for the Trafford 11+ Entrance Exams, we offer professional support and guidance to both you and your child.

We offer tuition from £18 per session with a personalised learning plan addressing any gaps in learning. The sessions are delivered by fully qualified and very experienced teachers/ tutor (whom have been graded by OFSTED as outstanding on several occasions). Regular feedback will be given and sessions will take into account the order of the curriculum being delivered by YOUR CHILD’S school.

We offer monthly parent workshops to assist and advise parents on supporting your child throughout examinations, helping your child with their homework and advice on how to manage your child’s use of technology, particularly social media.

There are no long term contracts or registration fees.

We have many years experience supporting children throughout their education; encouraging, facilitating and enabling children to reach their full potential and shine. We believe that the consideration and promotion of a child’s well being throughout their learning is essential in their development, and this is an integral part of our approach.