Intelligent Guidance

Is your child struggling at school or perhaps you feel that they are not being challenged enough?

Filling the gaps in their learning is essential for a secure foundation to understand and progress to the next level.

If those gaps are not addressed fully, children can develop low self confidence and barriers to learning, thinking they are not capable of understanding. “I’m not good at maths!”, I hate reading!” and “l’m not clever at school, I get the easy work!” are comments which are heartbreaking to hear and sadly said far too often.

We wholeheartedly believe that all children can make good progress and can achieve more than they think they are capable of, with support and emotionally intelligent guidance from their teacher.

We build on a child’s confidence first and foremost, encouraging a growth mindset and building resilience in learning.

Likewise, children who are not challenged enough can also become disengaged with their learning, demotivated and as a consequence underachieve. Our expertise in stretching gifted and talented students have supported such children and got them back on track.

For further information about how we can support your child whichever situation they are in, please visit our Facebook page or contact us using the contact form.